Direct die-placement (DDP) technology


Direct die-placement (DDP) is a new technology for the direct transfer of high-performance semiconductors to or from flexible carriers onto target substrates. The DDP method provides a reduction in process steps for building thin and compact ICs by replacing conventional pick-and-place tooling and bypassing the use of intermediate carrier substrates. DDP tooling enables a shortening of the tool path due to the handling of the die carrier itself, thereby reducing die-placement times compared to those of conventional pick-and-place processes. The DDP process is mechanical in nature and uses a unique bonding head to deform the carrier substrate locally, thereby sequentially placing dies directly onto a target substrate. The DDP approach is tailorable to accommodate carrier and target substrates with dimensions and properties that are of particular relevance to flexible hybrid electronics (FHEs) as well as the advanced packaging field. Whether for research purposes or for volume assembly, DDP tools and processes allow a diverse range of components to be transferred at high-yield and defect-free. systemech has licensed the core technology upon which DDP is built from the University of Wisconsin-Madison through WARF

As shown below in the side-by-side comparison between die bonding and DDP, DDP simplifies the process flow, saving time and resources, and DDP avoids any direct contact between the bonding head and thin, fragile components.