Thinner and more compact integrated circuits (ICs) are the future of high-performance electronics and optical devices. Thinness increases mechanical flexibility and power efficiency, and compactness reduces size, weight, and cost. However, handling thin and small silicon-based IC components poses a challenge for high-speed and accurate production of flexible devices and advanced chip packages. Conventional pick-and-place equipment that has been successful for decades is now facing new challenges with surface mounting and packaging of thin dies. At systemech, Inc, we are developing a unique approach and next-generation tools that will enable the manufacture of a broad range of thin, lightweight, flexible, and high-performance electronic and photonic devices. Our patented manufacturing solution, direct die-placement (DDP) technology, enables rapid, high-yield attachment of thin and ultra-thin dies/chips. Our DDP approach eliminates complex tooling, saves time and improve yields, and is scalable to exceed the placement rates of the standard pick-and-place equipment. 


Working with us


systemech is developing scalable die-placement tools and processes to overcome the challenges with using die bonders and pick-and-place tooling to attach thin and complex components to both rigid and flexible substrates. We work with our partners to develop tools for fabricating flexible hybrid electronics (FHEs) and photonics and to explore novel advanced packaging configurations. We are currently seeking research and industry partners that are interested in streamlining their chip-handling process flows in order to capitalize on the emerging device markets. We look forward to collaborating with you to help you realize your vision for next-generation devices. Please see Technology to learn more.